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We provide professional and systematic Consultation Services for you. With over 10 years of working experience, our engineers will provide personalized cloud consulting to solve your cloud related problems. We utilize Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, , Ali Cloud, Huawei Cloud, QingCloud, Tencent Cloud and other public cloud platforms, we also adopt private cloud platforms such as VMWare, HyperV, OpenStack, AzureStack to offer migration architecture, deployment optimization, DevOps, technical support and a series of consulting services.

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Experienced cloud experts on hand

Platform Training

Introduce cloud platforms and design of an enterprise's overall cloud platform architecture

Clouds Comparison

We compare public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud to help you make the best choice

Migration, Optimization

Total migration to cloud, optimization and disaster recovery, management and optimization across clouds

Development, IaaS->PaaS

IaaS->PaaS migration based on the cloud development

We provide the most professional Consultation Services

Cloud Technology
Public Cloud-

We are involved in multiple public cloud platforms, and we can provide you with migration architecture, deployment optimization, DevOps, technical support and a series of services on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, , Ali Cloud, Huawei Cloud, QingCloud, Tencent Cloud. Professional engineers with more than 10 years of experience will provide you high quality solutions and Fortune Global 500 SLA standardized services.

Private Cloud-

According to our understanding of the infrastructure and business requirements of enterprises, we conduct architecture design, deployment, resource optimization, operational management on VMWare, HyperV, OpenStack, AzureStack and other systems. We escort your key systems and applications, and provide professional services.

Cross-Cloud Management-

In order to solve the problem of multi-cloud platform management, it is not limited to a single cloud platform. We help realize unified operation and maintenance management on multiple cloud platforms, including public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Architecture Design
Cloud Architecture Design-

We provide high availability, disaster recovery in one city, disaster recovery in different cities, two places and three centers, active-active, cross-cloud and all kinds of architecture consulting and design services, tailor for your applications to adapt to different cloud architectures.

Automated DevOps
Automated DevOps-

According to the DevOps requirements of the enterprises, we carry out the automatic management script/interface customization development to automate the IT management process and greatly improve the efficiency.

Big Data Platforms
Big Data-

Set up a big data platform for you on the cloud, deploy and develop Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, Spark and other related system clusters and real-time big data flow processing system.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things-

RFID and iBeacon project and smart home system, provide you with library automation, automatic supermarkets, Internet of Vehicles on the cloud, presenting your real business value.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning-

Machine learning is a powerful predictive analysis algorithm based on neural network and statistics. We can create a complete machine learning solution for you on the cloud. We can even design mathematical models and quickly gain the results according to the previous data. The future is in your hands.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence-

Business Intelligence is a tool to collect, manage and analyze business information and stimulate the creation of smart business decisions. We use various tools of Business Intelligence analysis to help you integrate multi-system data, quickly build data warehouse and analysis model, and provide you with Business Intelligence cloud strategy.

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