Deployment Services

According to your current system situation and the actual development phase, we can help you migrate the system to different platforms. Our migration services is based on image, including an automated one-click migration, shared resource services of public cloud migration, proprietary private cloud migration, resources automated hybrid cloud migration, PaaS migration, and portable Docker migration. In addition, the migration services will be able to fully manage all of your applications with cloud management platform YunBoard which is independently developed by Yungoal.

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Fast deployment and seamless cloud migration


Deployment cross private cloud and public cloud
Guarantee security and flexibility

System Expansion

System auto expansion
Load balancing support

Multi-cloud Deployment

Multi-cloud deployment
Guarantee high availability
And cross-cloud disaster recovery

Script Library

Automatic DevOps And deploy script library management

we provide the most professional cloud deployment services

OS Deployment

Windows/Linux( All Linux)

Database Depoloyment

Include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL and other professional databases deployment on various clouds, provide IaaS/PaaS two different deployment modes, monitor virtual machines and database performance via YunBoard.

Hadoop Deployment

Provide Hadoop and related system cluster deployment and development, design Apache Hadoop deployment architecture and operation architecture based on standard server node cluster, and optimize the deployment of Apache Hadoop system.

Object Storage

Use Azure Cloud Storage, AWS S3, Ali Cloud OSS and other object storage products to deploy and develop, it can realize non-interruption expansion and high storage efficiency, support up to 99.9% availability, it also can use EMC ECS, OpenStack Swift to deploy object storage within the data center.

Spark Deployment

Provide Apache Spark's architecture deployment in the cluster, enabling it to have the ability to perform distributed memory data processing on all hosts in the cluster.

High Availability

To realize as much as 99.95% of the high availability on the cloud, make the infrastructure and applications achieve high availability, and make important management software, servers, or data in a state of high availability, keep you from all that lead to unplanned and planned downtime.

Disaster Recovery

According to clients’ different needs, we provide disaster recovery in one city, disaster recovery in different cities, two places and three centers, active-active and all kinds of disaster recovery solutions, realizing application never stops and the data never loses.

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