DevOps Services

Our excellent team who have the ability of DevOps will provide you with 24*7 monitoring and response, handle the abnormal situations in a timely manner, and eventually realize DevOps automation more efficiently. Our DevOps team utilize YunBoard and other professional work form systems to carry out 24*7 monitoring and problem tracking, and the technical support team ensures quick response, timely positioning and troubleshooting. Our senior expert team, outstanding development team, professional DevOps tools, as well as the abundant scale of DevOps, can keep you from any worries.

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Professional DevOps Team

Service Station

24*7 monitor on YunBoard
Professional tracking systems

Technical Support

Rapid response time
Malfunction detection/elimination

SLA Guarantee

Expert Team

10+ years of experience, Comprehensive case research into Problem tracking & upgrade.

Dev Team

Product level problem repair, suggestions for modification of client application code.

DevOps Tools

YunBoard- Availability monitoring: monitors application's global online status.
Performance monitoring: monitor server load & usage.
Configuration management: SCCM, Puppet, Chef & other configuration management tools.
DevOps script library: Complete more than 80% machine operations & 100% batch operation.

DevOps Scale

Multi-operation systems, multi database and platform systems DevOps.
DevOps for hybrid cloud platforms.
Over 8000 servers’ operation.
Over 20% of PaaS operation.

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