Migration Services

According to your current system situation and the actual development phase, we can help you migrate the system to different platforms. Our migration services is based on image, including an automated one-click migration, shared resource services of public cloud migration, proprietary private cloud migration, resources automated hybrid cloud migration, PaaS migration, and portable Docker migration. In addition, the migration services will be able to fully manage all of your applications with cloud management platform YunBoard which is independently developed by Yungoal.

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Ensure data security, and effective seamless migration

Cloud Platform Setup

Set up public cloud or hybrid cloud architecture based on client’s need

Application Migration

Design cloud architecture by application, high availability & flexibility, component installation deployment and cluster construction, data migration and seamless switching


Platform based, we run automatic elastic scaling based on actual load


Requirement Based Development, automated script based on management requirements, UI customization.

we provide the most professional cloud migration services


Image-based automated migration can migrate any server running on Windows to the IaaS platform, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Ali Cloud

Public cloud migration

We provide high availability, disaster recovery in one city, disaster recovery in different cities, two places and three centers, active-active, cross-cloud and all kinds of architecture consulting and design services, tailor for your applications to adapt to different cloud architectures.

Private Cloud Migration

VMWare, HyperV, OpenStack、AzureStack and more... In-depth understanding of your network structure, design customized cloud architecture for enterprises’ application requirements, and migrate your information resources to the private cloud platforms built by VMWare, HyperV, OpenStack, AzureStack and other systems.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

According to your individual needs, not limited to a single cloud platform, we help design architecture hybrid cloud platform, mixing environment management on different public and private cloud platforms, in order to achieve effective information resources migration.

PaaS Migration

Help you analyze the business situation, get familiar with the original development environment and make corresponding modification for PaaS environment, conduct deployment migration on the cloud platform, reduce long-term operation cost, including Microsoft Cloud Service, AWS Beanstalk and so on.

Docker Migration

According to your business needs, backup the container as Docker image, deploy and migrate Docker container on the cloud, and eventually realize automatic deployment, making application platform independent, not need to do the deployment environment and static files.

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