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Expert lecturers provide you with diversified training content for different products and services. You can fully understand the knowledge of any clouds through systematic training. The training we cover is mainly divided into three parts: cloud platform training, cloud DevOps training and Big Data & machine learning training. Among them, cloud platform training includes Microsoft Azure training, AWS training and Ali Cloud training; cloud DevOps training includes OpenStack and Docker applications; Big Data & Machine Learning training includes Modern Data Warehouse Apache Hadoop, Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Power BI, etc.

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Professional trainers providing systematic training programs

Azure Training

Azure for Research, Azure University, Azure Readiness :DevCamp, SQL Data DevCamp, Windows Azure Training Kit

AWS Training

AWS usage basics, AWS architecture, AWS architecture - beyond the basics, AWS dev, AWS operation

Alicloud Training

Ali Cloud basics, Ali Cloud beyond the basics

Professional DevOps/Big Data & Machine Learning

Cloud DevOps

Enterprise lvl Openstack application management, Docker theory & usage

Big Data

Modern Data Warehouse Apache Hadoop, Kafka & Storm usage, Spark theory & usage

Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, Microsoft Power BI

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